Blue Buddha - My Blue Square Secret Weapon

The Blue Buddha and natural health is the enemy of modern healthcare. It has little commercial appeal compared to pharmaceutical contributions. It's clear 1000+ years of natural healing methods are being erased and discredited by profiteers. We live in a broken world, cracks are showing.

Four Medical Tantras

All bodily diseases stem from three main delusional diseases of the brain.

1 Delusions of ignorance
2 Delusions of hatred
3 Delusions of attachment

For an effective cure, healers must pinpoint origin of disease in the mind. Healing process improves when with blue Medicine Buddha meditation.

Blue Buddha of Poker

My poker shortfalls are famous amongst my close friends, and some not so close. I fear taking someone else's money, more than I fear losing it.

Poker is a mind game and my mind says no big time poker for me.

- Delusions of ignorance
I'm sure theres plenty of ignorance in my poker game. I'm that ignorant I don't know about them to tell you more.

- Delusions of hatred
Well I have a guilt complex which stops me capitalizing on big pots. I would give everyone their money back at the end of the game but that defeats purpose of poker for many.

- Delusions of attachment
I'm deluded into thinking I need two glasses of wine before betting into a pot. Thankfully, I don't do my stumbling at Blue Square poker or any other online pokerroom, chatroom, blog, or forum for that matter. I giggle and can't be bothered sitting at a PC screen, or find a quiet corner and fall sleep.

Blue Square Secret Weapon

Blue Buddha is the answer to my biggest poker problem. I need to get to the root of why I don't like winning money. It will be deeply ingrained in my mind. I don't know if there is a fix. I can drink lots of wine but don't fancy being a drunken compulsive gambler, so it's only a temporary solution.

I view Blue Buddha as a symbol of a forgotten past. I see modern doctors as drug pushers who force commercial rubbish onto an unsuspecting public.

I'm assuming healthcare charity owners in my area work exceptionally hard, they drive around posing in their new flash sports turbo's. It's a joke, hasn't gone un-noticed in my company of friends.

The Blue Buddha symbol gives me hope of a better future. I take a look at it sometimes when I see the spoiled brats bragging about the life charity has made for them.

It's a shame it's Total BS, vulnerable exploited and crippled so daddy can buy a new yacht. I sleep better at night being away from that kind.

I don't care how rich they get, doing their bit for charity. I couldn't care less if they drop £1000 spins at roulette all night. The truth is that the large commercial charities view the victims as customers. People know the donations evaporate, gov't also spend your tax money propping up daddy's new venture.

I could be way off base and these could be gods little angels, sent from heaven to cure or protects.

Adam Ant sprang to mind, "Stand, and Deliver, your money or your life"

I might start visioning charity owners as I try to get over my mental block in poker but Blue Buddha might advise me not to invite hatred into my life

Have Fun,
Be Happy,