Me, My Blog, and I

Hello, I'm Janina Koenig, born in Netherlands although I left before I was old enough to speak the language.

I was raised in England's South-East. My uncle was a well known poker player before the Internet boom. He taught me how to play poker when I was a kid.

Playing for sweets as a 5 year old is every bit as competitive as the WSOP final table. He won't play online, tells me it's pointless trying to stare down a computer screen.

Too many glasses of wine and a super convincing sales pitch by Tedster (Friend for 18 years) and I was huckled into doing a "Blue Square Poker Review". I'm not worried about doing a blue square poker review. I've played there, I have contacts out that way, so know they're a solid group.

I'm more worried I screw up the website. Posting on blogger is easy, everything is set-up for you, I'm scared I press a button and delete everyones life on Turbo Strategy.

Poker is my excuse to put on my heels. Although I've met several good friends through poker, I won't be quitting my day job to become a pro poker legend. I know it's crazy but I feel guilty busting people at the poker tables. Not a good player feature to have.

I'm still competitive, just not got the killer edge I know I need to progress. I play online tournaments when I get some free time (getting less & less), the best I've won was just over $6k, it was 3 years ago, feels good looking back.

I avoid cash tables because they don't suit my overly tight player style. I know the problem, I know how to fix it, just have a major mental block.

Lots of Luv